Do you travel?

Yes we love to travel we are based in Hertfordshire England but that doesn't limit us! We are experienced travellers and are constantly looking for the next place to explore, so if you're planning to get married anywhere get in touch if you like what you see. We are working on our travel blog at the minute so stay tuned for when that is live.

Do you do adventurous/outdoor weddings?

Outdoor weddings give you magical natural light which you will see in a lot of our work. Being outdoors with nature is where we feel at home and can create beautiful backdrops for any wedding. Get in contact if you are considering this and we can give you tips and ideas.

Nikki & Paul Wedding-612.JPG

Matt & Molly Wed-36.JPG

How do you shoot? What's your style?

We like to have a documentary style approach to the day, letting you enjoy the day and not dictate your every move! We like to let moments unfold naturally and allow you to forget we're there...almost. We find this will allow you to be the most relaxed and you be yourselves. When it is time for photos of just you guys we will guide you and help you feel comfortable as it can feel a bit more intimidating just the two of you, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves!