Laura & Peter

St Albans Cathedral

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

We hit it off with Laura and Peter as soon as we met them. We are all fans of Harry Potter and that is really all we spoke about all evening (we were meant to be talking about photography). Laura is from America and works at the St Albans Cathedral and thats where they would be getting married before moving onto Ye Old Fighting Cocks for their outdoor reception. It was possibly the best BBQ we have ever had the food was simply incredibly. Ye Old Fighting Cocks is the oldest pub in Britain and definitely suited Laura and Peters medieval wedding theme.

The weather was beautiful warm and sunny and the walk to the Abbey after getting ready was so hot that the groom and his groomsmen had to go get some iced drinks to cool down. Luckily inside the Abbey it was much cooler.

Laura and Peter had the biggest smiles on their faces all day, all the guest were partying and dancing and enjoying the fun relaxed atmosphere. We took a short walk with the bride and groom to Verulamium. We caught a bit of setting sun to get some romantic couple photos before heading back to the pub for more food and dancing. It was the perfect day and the perfect wedding.